Monday, October 5, 2015

Some of Our Projects

Sometimes it simply takes hard work and longevity to get new projects.  The last 3 projects that we have gotten have been through contacts developed over 5 years ago who I have not contacted in years.

I go about my work like I own the product and I work on every project like it was my own.  This has recently translated into 2 companies partnering with us to build Frameworks for them.  Both of these projects are very exciting and fun to be involved in.

We have also gotten recently a chance to partner on a bid for the Government of Guam to turn their entire paper applications and licensing into an automated system for the same.  They are initially offering a small licensing system as a test project and once this works out we can bid on the rest of the project and this project will be slated to last a decade to completely modernize the Government of Guam.  

Besides the Government and Framework projects we are now working with a major IT company to handle their work and they are outsourcing some of their projects to us.  I remember when I pitched this company a few years ago everything was going so well and I met with everybody over an entire week and I expecting major work years ago based on all their positive feedback.  They were even interested in buying us at that time.  Without even a single contact with them for over 2 years they are simply giving us work based on all the positive feedback they have heard about us in the industry.

I feel like a girl that is being flattered. 

It is an exciting time for Kumo IT, and I want to thank all our customers for their trust in us.  I can assure you I will continue to work hard and only hire the best staff to work on our customers projects.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Pega 7 Can Do Theoretically

Here is a great demo of what Pega 7 is capable of and being able to move between platforms.

Just a great video to show our customers to show what is possible.

PegaWorld 2014 - Alan Trelfer Keynote

This was the first year that Alan played 20 people simultaneously in Chess and it was a great event.  I loved the location they chose for the Conference also.

Here is Alan's Keynote at PegaWorld:

AIG - A Case Study

Pega has helped AIG to share Information and have data analytic available between business units.

Their new global transformational platforms are eliminating "silos" and enabling AIG to think and work differently. Technology has become a driving force behind the reinvention of the company, its people and its processes.

Just an amazing presentation by AIG and how they have come to trust Pega.  Alan Trefler visits the AIG office often and is personally involved in the success of the AIG projects.

This is quiet a long video, but well worth to get to the message.  AIG trusts Pega to help them.

We Want To Be The Pega Cloud and Mobility Solutions Leader

I started Kumo IT Services with the intention of concentrating on one vertical, which is the Pega technology space.
Everybody knows me in that space and knows that I can deliver successful outcomes to projects in that technology.

It is kind of liberating to be able to concentrate in just one technology space.  I can now live on Pega Pega Developer Network (PDN) and keep learning so that I can help our partners and our customers come up with solutions in Pega for their problems.

With Pega 7, we can help companies move into Cloud Based and Mobile Solutions from their old server based clunker of a system.

Here is a Pega Cloud Solution that helped a customer:

The Business Issue:

One of the largest pharmacy benefit management companies in the U.S., Catamaran was forced to reevaluate its IT systems because of a new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services mandate. The mandate called for Catamaran to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse and safeguard member health.

The Solution

Catamaran used Pega's Healthcare Industry Foundation on Pega Cloud to deliver a suspicious case-handling system for pharmaceutical claims for both Commercial and Medicare Part D members.

The Results:

In less than four months, the new system was up and running, delivering these results:

- Decreased turnaround time
- Easier auditability
- Decreased manual touchpoints
- Improved scalability, efficiency and accuracy

Monday, February 25, 2013

KUMO IT Services

Kumo means cloud in Japanese.  We decided to call ourselves Kumo IT Services so that we can help companies navigate cloud and mobile computing in the Pega technology vertical.

Just a few years ago, most companies had expensive datacenters and servers, with lots of redundant backup in case of server failure.  We ourselves had 60 physical servers in our own datacenter that costs thousands of dollars to run and keep cool.

Since the advent of services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), moving to cloud based servers has become economical and reliable.

Pega 7 now allows for companies to move to mobile and cloud based solutions.

Here is a little bit more about Pega 7:

Here is a successful story of how SafeLite uses Pega: